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War is inevitable if the world returns to a nuclear deal with Iran


Israeli intelligence minister Eli Cohen has warned that a war with Iran would be inevitable if world powers return to a nuclear deal with Iran.

“Our warplanes could reach Iran,” Israel’s intelligence minister told Reuters on Friday. Anyone who thinks of short-term gains should also keep in mind long-term gains. ‘

The Israeli minister made the threat as US President Joe Biden’s administration promised to return to a nuclear deal and talks were under way in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

“Israel will never allow Iran to build a nuclear weapon,” Cohen said. Nowhere will Iran be spared. Our warplanes can reach all parts of the Middle East and of course it can reach Iran.

Israel sent a senior delegation to Washington this week to discuss a possible Iran-US nuclear deal.

The White House says it has discussed with Israel Israel’s threatening behavior in regional security in the Middle East.

Gilad Erdogan, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, said he hoped the United States would negotiate with Israel, regardless of the deal.


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