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Turkey is going into full lockdown for the first time


Crowds of people on the streets, shopping malls busy with shoppers, and traffic jams on the road. Someone is rushing to leave Istanbul at the main bus terminal. Someone is again trying to stockpile alcohol on the news of ‘alcohol restrictions’. This was the picture of Turkey on the eve of the first full lockdown in the Corona epidemic on Thursday. The media reported on the BBC.

Turkey has decided to lockdown due to the increase in the number of virus infections and deaths. A lockdown has been declared in the country from 7pm local time on Thursday to 17th May.

WhatsApp groups are now busy discussing how the coming days of lockdown will go, what life will be like.

It was at this time last year that Turkey succeeded in taking swift action during the global epidemic, and the World Health Organization praised the country’s initiative.

But that is now a thing of the past. A year later, Turkey is now one of the worst affected countries in the Corona. Turkey has one of the highest rates of coronavirus infection in Europe.


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