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Trump has launched a new website to speak “independently”


Former US President Donald Trump has launched a website of his own. That being said, this website will publish content directly from Donald Trump’s desk. The media reported on the BBC.

Twitter banned Trump after a rally of Trump supporters in the Capitol of the US Congress last January. Trump had about 90 million followers on Twitter. In addition, Facebook and YouTube have temporarily shut down Trump’s account. Since then, Donald Trump has been giving his speech through press releases. From now on, his statements will be published on the new website.

Trump has launched a new website to speak "independently"
Trump has launched a new website to speak “independently”

Users will be able to like posts on Trump’s new website and share the posts on Twitter and Facebook.

The announcement of Trump’s new website comes at a time when Facebook authorities are set to make a final decision on whether to permanently shut down Donald Trump’s Facebook account.

Jason Miller, Trump’s senior adviser, said earlier that a new social media platform would be launched. Miller said last March that Trump’s new social media would be much larger.

But Miller said in a tweet on Tuesday that the new website was not the kind of social media platform he had previously suggested.

“More information will come in the near future,” Miller said.

Donald Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale’s digital services company has created this new website for Trump.

Meanwhile, Facebook said that if Donald Trump is allowed to return to Facebook, it will take seven days for his account to be activated.

On the other hand, according to YouTube, in reality, when the threat of violence is reduced, Trump’s account will be activated.


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