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Troop Withdrawal could have ‘terrible consequences’: Hillary Clinton


Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has spoken out against the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, warning of “dire consequences.” “Such a decision would risk the Taliban seizing power,” he said. There are fears of another civil war in the country.

Troop Withdrawal could have 'terrible consequences': Hillary Clinton
Troop Withdrawal could have ‘terrible consequences’: Hillary Clinton

“It’s a very difficult decision,” Hillary warned the Biden administration in an interview with CNN on Tuesday (May 4th). I see this as a problem for both. Withdrawal or stay, I think, has a consequence of two things. However, the decision to withdraw could have serious consequences.

Hillary Clinton said she feared the Kabul government would fall and power would fall to the Taliban. And that could lead to a resurgence of terrorist activity around the world.

The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan began on Saturday (May 1) following an announcement by US President Joe Biden on April 14.


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