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This time the type of Indian corona has been identified in France


Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the Colonavirus epidemic in France. This is the first time that an Indian type of infection has been identified in the country. A spokesman for France’s regional health agency confirmed the information to the media on Thursday.

According to AFP and Reuters, Benoit Ellenbood, director of the health department at the Nouvelle-Aquitaine department in southwestern France, has already spoken out. “We have identified the corona infection in the body of a woman returning from India as an Indian epidemic of the virus,” he claimed.

The first Indian type was caught by that woman from southwestern France. He came to India recently. The French Ministry of Health confirmed the information last Wednesday. The other two victims also went to France with the Indian version of the corona. They are residents of southeastern France.

However, two days ago, French Health Minister Oliver Veron claimed that no Indian-type corona infection had been identified in the country. According to the World Health Organization, at least 16 countries have been diagnosed with the Indian version of the corona virus.

In the second phase, India was upset by the Corona outbreak. Experts say the outbreak in the country is due to a new type of corona called ‘B.1.617’, which was first identified in India. This type of corona is more contagious and deadly than the original type.


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