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The WHO is going to approve the Chinese vaccine


The World Health Organization (WHO) will decide this week whether to allow China’s emergency use of two vaccines to prevent the deadly corona.

This is the first time a Chinese vaccine has been approved by the UN health agency. It will encourage the widespread use of Chinese ticks in different countries. – Daily Sabah News

The WHO is going to approve the Chinese vaccine
The WHO is going to approve the Chinese vaccine

Earlier, only a few countries, except China, carried out the vaccination campaign.

WHO technical advisers are working on sinopharm and sinovac vaccines, said Mariângela Simão, a World Health Organization official. There are some final actions left before a decision is made from them.

He said that the decision will be taken first with Sinopharm, and Sinovac will come. Some countries are waiting for this decision to start their vaccination activities.

Synovac says their coronavac vaccine is safe and effective for people aged three to 17. This vaccine is able to build immunity in the body of children and adolescents.

So far, 70 million doses of Sinovac have been given in 18 countries, including China and Turkey. And 16 crore doses have been provided.


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