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The United States will send raw materials for corona vaccine to India


The United States has said it will send raw materials to India to make the corona vaccine. A statement from the US administration said on Sunday. The Hindu reported the news.

The U.S. administration said in a statement that the raw materials needed to prepare the covshield vaccine at the Serum Institute would be sent soon.

India’s healthcare system collapsed as the second wave of Covid hit. India sought help from the United States after a crisis over supplies such as oxygen, vaccines and medicines to prevent coronary heart disease. But the Biden administration banned the export of vaccine raw materials.

After that, the people of India expressed their displeasure towards Biden. The issue was brought to the fore a year and a half ago. When the United States requested hydroxychloroquine from India in April last year, 50 million tablets were sent to that country. But when the time came for India, the United States said it would not help.

The United States has said it will help India in such a situation. The United States will extend full cooperation to India in tackling the ongoing epidemic, the statement said. Along with the raw material for making the vaccine, Covid-19 medical equipment will also be sent. US National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horn confirmed this.

Emily Horn talks about the conversation between Ajit Doval, India’s national security adviser, and Jake Sullivan, the US national security adviser. He said the United States would extend a helping hand to treat India’s Kovid-19 patients and protect health workers. PPE kits, rapid test kits, medicine equipment’s, ventilators will be sent very soon.

A team of public health experts from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will also be sent to Delhi. Who will work hand in hand with the US Embassy and the Indian Ministry of Health to combat the epidemic.

Earlier on Saturday, King Krishnamurthy, a member of the US Congress of Indian descent, had petitioned the Biden administration to send the AstraZeneca vaccine. He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important for India.

In addition, since last month, Adar Punewala, the head of the Serum Institute, has sent multiple tweets to US President Joe Biden. He pleaded for lifting the ban on the export of raw materials for making vaccines.


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