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The United States is returning embassy staff from Kabul


The United States has begun repatriating embassy staff from Kabul, Afghanistan. Besides, the process of withdrawing the army has also started. The news was reported by Deutsche Welle.

The US State Department has begun deporting embassy staff from Kabul. However, the embassy there will not be closed, the work will be carried out with a small staff. They will have some troops for security.

“Violence is on the rise,” said Ross Wilson, the US ambassador to Afghanistan. The risk has also increased. So this decision has been made. However, no embassy service is being reduced. All kinds of help will be given to Afghanistan.

Two days ago, the top US general in Afghanistan, Austin Miller, said that the US military had begun withdrawing its operations in Afghanistan. This time the Afghan army will have to take responsibility.

US President Joe Biden had earlier announced that US troops would return from Afghanistan by September 11. September 11 is the 20th anniversary of Nine-Eleven.


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