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The United States is not lifting the ban on vaccine raw material exports to India


Although the incidence of novel coronavirus in India has increased at a record rate, vaccination is getting less than that. Several states in the country are complaining about the shortage of vaccines. One of the reasons for this deficit is the issue of US restrictions on the export of vaccine raw materials to India. Why did the United States take this decision? This time the country argued. The media reported on NDTV.

The United States has said it will first vaccinate its own people and then export raw materials. Meanwhile, a large section of Indian experts believe that the US decision will increase India’s concerns.

India has repeatedly appealed to the government of US President Joe Biden to lift restrictions on the export of ticker raw materials. State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a statement that “immunization of Americans is going very well at the moment.” Earlier, the export of ticker raw materials was banned with the people of the country in mind, ”he said.

Ned Price said: “The United States has the highest incidence of coronary heart disease in the world. So if the people here are not vaccinated, a new type of virus may spread outside the country later. That could be a problem for other countries as well. ‘

A few days ago, Adar Punewala, CEO of the Seram Institute of India, tweeted to the US government requesting for raw materials to increase vaccine production. Later, Indian Ambassador to the United States Taranjit Singh discussed the issue with the Sandhu Biden administration. There was a request to send medicines to India quickly.

Meanwhile, Indian Foreign Minister S Jayashankar has spoken to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

It is learned that the Biden administration has informed New Delhi that they will look into the issue of vaccination in India. However, the United States has said that the decision on exports will be taken only after meeting the demand of the people of the country.

Meanwhile, quad groups have already been formed to produce and supply vaccines around the world. There, India is planning to develop the US-India vaccine Novavax and Johnson & Johnson in a joint venture. That preparation has also started.


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