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The United States and NATO have begun withdrawing troops from Afghanistan


The United States has begun withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. This marked the beginning of a “perpetual war” in the words of US President Joe Biden. The media reported on the BBC.

The United States and NATO have been stationing troops in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years.

According to the BBC, the withdrawal phase will start on May 1 and will continue till September 11. Amid escalating violence across Afghanistan, the withdrawal process began. Afghan security forces are on high alert for retaliatory strikes during the withdrawal.

The Taliban, meanwhile, has warned that it will no longer be subject to any expiration of its long-standing agreement not to attack international forces.

Last year, then-US President Donald Trump struck a deal with the Taliban militant group in Afghanistan. According to the agreement, the Taliban agreed not to attack international troops in exchange for a promise that foreign troops would leave Afghanistan by May 1.

Officials told Reuters that the Taliban had protected Western military bases from rival militant groups within the terms of the agreement. However, the Taliban did not stop attacking Afghan government forces and civilians during that time.


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