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The death toll from a fire at Iraq’s Corona Hospital has risen to 82


A fire at a Corona hospital in war-torn Iraq has killed at least 82 people. The crash happened in the capital, Baghdad. Hundreds of people have been burnt in it. News Al Jazeera.

According to various media reports, a fire broke out at Ibn Khatib Hospital in Baghdad on Saturday night. An oxygen tanker caught fire from an explosion.

As seen in various videos spread on social media, fire service personnel are trying to put out the fire. On the other hand, panicked people are leaving the scene.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qadimi called the incident a “terrible accident.” He called for a speedy investigation into the incident.

Major General Kadhim Bohan, head of the country’s civil defense department, told state media that a fire had broken out at the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU). He said rescue workers were able to rescue 90 of the 120 patients and their relatives. At least 30 patients were in the ICU.

Other patients of the hospital and the injured have been shifted to different hospitals. The Iraqi Civil Defense Department said the fire was brought under control early Sunday morning.


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