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The BSF filed a case against pigeon for coming from Pakistan


The Indian Border Security Force (BSF) captured a pigeon from Pakistan and handed it over to the police. The BSF has also filed a case against the pigeon for infiltrating. News India Today.

The pigeon entered the Punjab border from Pakistan on 17 April. The pigeon’s legs were tied with a small piece of paper with the contact address written on it. BSF personnel handed over the bird to the police for legal action against the bird.

Amritsar district police superintendent Dhruv Dahiya said on Wednesday that the BSF wanted to register an FIR against the pigeon. He said the number of the paper tied to the pigeon’s leg was being analyzed.

The pigeon is currently in Khangarh police station in Amritsar. Security forces suspect it was an espionage attempt. Pigeons are used to exchange information. Symbolic messages are usually sent on the barrier notes at the pigeon’s feet.

An official said the pigeon came and sat on the shoulder of a BSF member at the Rorawala border post in Amritsar district last Saturday. Apparently it flew across the border.


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