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South Africa has banned the breeding of lions for the purpose of raising lion cubs


South Africa has announced plans to stop breeding lions for hunting or for sale as pets to tourists. The media reported on the BBC.

The South African government took the step after a two-year study into the controversial breeding of lions was published. Studies have shown that breeding activities by keeping lions in captivity are putting animal protection initiatives at risk and harming wildlife.

The BBC says the South African government has taken action on expert recommendations, which may anger those involved in the country’s professional poaching.

South Africa has banned the breeding of lions for the purpose of raising lion cubs

South Africa’s environment minister, Barbara Cressi, said: “Most of the reports on the breeding of captive lions say that we must stop breeding or rearing lions and thus domesticating them.

“We don’t want lions to be bred, lions to be hunted, lions to be used or tamed,” said Barbara Cressi.

However, the South African environment minister said at the same time that lion hunting activities would continue in a controlled area in the forest. Lion hunting is one of the main sources of income in the country’s tourism industry.

The expert team that decided to stop breeding for the purpose of keeping lion cubs was formed to review the policies and regulations related to lions, leopards, rhinos and elephants.

The committee suggested holding talks with other countries in southern Africa to stop the trade in rhino horn and ivory.


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