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Some ‘sacrifices’ have to be made to win big


There was a time when there was a lot of confusion about who won the Nandigram assembly election in West Bengal, India. Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee admitted her defeat in Nandigram on Sunday evening, though the Election Commission did not officially announce anything. He said that some ‘sacrifices’ have to be made for the fight. The media reported on NDTV.

Speaking at a press conference at Kalighat yesterday evening on the day of Daputa performance of Ghasful Shibir in West Bengal, Mamata said, “Don’t worry about Nandigram. One thing to remember, you have to make some sacrifices to win big. I fought for Nandigram. I made a movement. I have accepted the verdict given by Nandigram. It was just a match.

Some ‘sacrifices’ have to be made to win big

On Sunday, there was a fierce battle between Mamata and BJP candidate Shuvendu Adhikari over the Nandigram results. Although Shuvendu advanced a lot in the first few rounds, Mamata gradually reduced the gap. Go a little further for a while. But towards the end, Shuvendu came back to fight.

According to the Election Commission, Mamata was ahead of Shuvendu by 820 votes after 16 rounds of counting. According to ANI, Mamata won the Nandigram by 1,200 votes after the start of the last round. Although after a while the BJP claimed, not Mamata, Shuvendu won in Nandigram. As a result, a fog was created about what exactly happened in Nandigram.


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