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Scientists warned about corona in India, Government did not pay attention


A team of scientific advisers to the Indian government found “minor mutations” in some of the samples before the widespread transmission of the novel coronavirus in the country, which could “overwhelm the immune system” and require extensive research.

The coronavirus has been rampant in India since last April. There are about 7 million infections. Now beginning in May, the rise in corona infections has not stopped. But in early March, a group of Indian scientists warned the government about a new variant.

Five scientists from India’s top scientific advisory team told Reuters. However, the government did not heed the scientists’ warning, and no additional measures were taken. Four scientists have complained. This is stated in the special report of Reuters.

In the meantime, millions of masked benefactors in India took part in religious ceremonies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Leader of the Opposition have launched a massive election campaign. Millions of farmers took part in the protest movement in New Delhi.

The Indian SARS-Cove-2 Genetics Consortium (INSACOS) issued a warning in early March about a new variant of the coronavirus.

The top 10 labs in India are using this INSACOS together. INSACOS sent a copy of the warning to Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gaub. Who is directly accountable to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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