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Record infection in Japan, the health system has collapsed


Japan’s record-breaking outbreak of the coronavirus has crippled the health system. Although the infection was controlled in Japan at the beginning of the Corona epidemic, the number of infections and deaths in the country has suddenly started to rise. In just 23 days, at least one lakh have been identified, so far about ten and a half thousand have died. Strict measures have been taken in several cities in Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

Meanwhile, due to the suspension of the export of AstraZeneca vaccine made by the Indian company Seram, there has already been an acute vaccine crisis in various countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) has promised to provide vaccines to different countries on demand through the global alliance CoVAX.

Record infection in Japan, the health system has collapsed
Record infection in Japan, the health system has collapsed

On the other hand, the health system of Nepal has collapsed in the second wave of Corona. There is a shortage of beds and medical supplies in the hospital. In the last one day, more than 6 thousand have been identified in the country. The country’s government has sought the help of international organizations to prevent the outbreak of corona.

On the other hand, after being closed for a long time, the subway train will be launched in New York from May 16. But you have to follow the hygiene rules. The decision was made in the last few days as the corona infection has been declining and most residents have been vaccinated.


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