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Punjab imposes night curfew to prevent corona infection


The provincial government has imposed a night curfew in the Indian state of Punjab to prevent corona infection.

Indian media outlet NDTV reported on Tuesday that there would be a night curfew from 6pm to 5am and a lockdown from 6pm on Friday to 5am on Monday until further notice.

The state’s chief minister Amarinder Singh sought the people’s cooperation in a Twitter message on Monday night. He also urged everyone to ‘stay home and go out only in case of urgent need’.

The number of corona patients in Punjab has been on the rise for several weeks, the news report said. In the last 24 hours, the corona of 6,276 people have been identified and 6 people have died.

At present there are about 50,000 patients under treatment. The chief minister fears the situation could worsen.

He told the media that strict measures need to be taken to deal with such a situation. However, he also said that he was not willing to give a complete lockdown considering the financial problems.


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