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Nine people have been executed in Egypt for killing 15 people


Nine people have been executed for killing 15 people in an attack on an Egyptian police station in 2013. They were executed on Monday.

The news agency AP reported on Tuesday that nine accused were hanged on that day. However, security officials and lawyers were quoted as saying that nine of the 20 convicts sentenced to death in that horrific case have been executed so far.

The suspects are said to have attacked a police station in the city of Kirdasah in 2013 after ousting former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. A total of 15 people, including 11 policemen, were killed in the attack.

The following year, a local criminal court sentenced 188 defendants to death in that horrific incident. However, in 2017, only 20 people were sentenced to death and dozens to life imprisonment in the final verdict.


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