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New world record for daily corona detection in India


More than three lakh new patients have been identified for the second day in a row in India, which is struggling to cope with the second wave of the Novel Corona epidemic.

According to the information given on the website of the Ministry of Health on Friday, the presence of the virus was detected in the bodies of 332,630 people in 24 hours and the news of the death of 2,263 patients was confirmed. News from NDTV.

India set a world record of identifying more than 300,000 patients in a single day for the first time on Thursday. Today, Friday, they also surpassed that record. Earlier in January, a maximum of 297,430 new patients were identified in a single day in the United States.

For the first time on April 5, Indian authorities identified more than 100,000 patients in 24 hours; Within two and a half weeks it exceeded three lakhs.

The alarming rise in infections has led to an acute shortage of beds, oxygen and life-saving drugs in various hospitals across the country. Numerous hospitals are now desperately trying to save patients by providing oxygen.

To address the situation, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has canceled a campaign tour of West Bengal and announced a high-level meeting on Covid-19 on Friday.


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