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More than three lakh Corona patients have been identified in India for the sixth day


More than three lakh coronavirus patients have been identified in India for the sixth day in a row. The country’s health ministry said on Tuesday that 3,23,144 Covid-19 patients had been identified in the country in 24 hours.

Although the number is much lower than the 352,991 people identified on Monday, the decision to reduce the number of infections would be misleading, said an expert in the country.

For five days in a row, India’s world-class daily patient identification hospitals are suffering from bed crises and severe oxygen shortages. They are returning many patients to cope with the overflowing crowd. In this situation, the country’s armed forces have promised to take to the field with emergency medical assistance to deal with the growing infection.

In the 24 hours leading up to Tuesday morning, another 2,771 people died in the country, but health experts believe that number will be much higher; Says the news agency Reuters.

Please note that the huge decline in daily detection is largely due to massive test reductions. It should not be taken as a sign of decline, but as a result of the loss of many positive events, ”said Rizo M John, a professor and health economist at the Indian Institute of Management in Kerala, in a Twitter post.


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