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Missing Indonesian submarine runs out of oxygen, rescue operation underway


Rescue workers have continued to rescue missing Indonesian navy submarines over time. The Indonesian military said the submarine was carrying oxygen by 3am on Saturday. As a result, the final stage of rescue has already passed. The UK media reported on the BBC.

The KRI Nangala 402 submarine is believed to have gone missing early Wednesday night while practicing at sea 60 miles (98 kilometers) off the coast of Bali Island. It is feared that the submarine, with 53 crew members, could have exploded or crashed after sinking into the sea.

Several sources said communication was cut off after the submarine sank in deep water. KRI Nangala-402 is one of the five submarines of Indonesia.

The military said on Thursday night that signs of an object had been found at a depth of 50 to 100 meters from the scene. Rescue ships with sonar-tracking equipment have been deployed there.

At least six warships and a helicopter and 400 personnel are involved in the rescue operation. Australia, Malaysia, India and Singapore are cooperating. On the other hand, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby expressed sympathy for the incident and expressed his intention to cooperate.

Missing Indonesian submarine runs out of oxygen, rescue operation underway

“The navy is looking for it,” First Admiral Julius Widjojo told AFP. This area is familiar to us, but it is quite deep.

It was created in the late 1980s, according to news agency Reuters. The 1,395-tonne submarine was taken to South Korea for repairs in the middle. Two years later, in 2012, the repair work was completed.

This is the first case of missing submarine in Indonesia. However, there are examples of such incidents in other countries of the world. In 2000, the Russian Navy’s submarine Karsak with 117 crew members was lost in the Barents Sea. Investigations later revealed that a torpedo exploded in the submarine, from which other torpedoes also exploded. Most of the 117 crew died instantly in the crash, and the rest survived for a few days but died of respiratory problems.

In addition, during a training exercise in 2003, 69 Chinese crew members were killed in a submarine accident in the country. And in 2016, an Argentine military submarine sank in the South Atlantic Ocean with 44 crew members. A year later the wreckage of the submarine was found and it is known that it was wrecked in a collision with something.


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