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Missile attack near Israeli nuclear facility


A missile strike near a nuclear facility in the Israeli city of Dimona has been launched. A missile fired from Syria hit the area. The Israeli military has confirmed the news. Khabar Al Jazeera.

The Israeli military says no casualties were reported in the missile strike. And it didn’t hurt the nuclear facility either.

Harry Fawcett, an Al Jazeera correspondent in West Jerusalem, said the missile, fired from Syria, hit the town of Dimona, with the sound of the missile being heard 150 kilometers away.

The Syrian military fired the missile at an Israeli warplane. But the Israeli military says it struck near the Dimona nuclear plant.

Israel says the missile struck early Thursday morning. It was Syria’s long-range SA-5 missile. It was launched by Russia’s S-200 missile defense system. The missile did not hit the reactor at the Dimona nuclear plant, but fell 30 kilometers away.


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