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Mimi-Dev-Nusrat is ‘undefeated’ without being a candidate


In India’s West Bengal assembly elections, the BJP’s fight against the state’s ruling Trinamool Congress was rumored to be a bone of contention. But after the eight-point vote, a different picture was seen in the announcement of the results on Sunday. Mamata’s team won by a huge margin.

And Mamata’s three loyal soldiers had no less contribution behind it. They were not candidates in the Assembly elections themselves, but jumped to win the party. The three soldiers are MP Mimi Chakraborty, Dev and Nusrat Jahan.

Mimi-Dev-Nusrat is 'undefeated' without being a candidate

Mimi Chakraborty tweeted as soon as the Trinamool Congress secured 200 seats yesterday. Writes, ‘undefeated’. Indian media Zee24 Hour news, Mimi, Dev and Nusrat are very happy with the result of the vote. The results of hard work matched, naturally a satisfaction worked out between the three stars.

Dev, Mimi and Nusrat, the three stars of the party, were given a big responsibility on the first day of the campaign plan for the assembly elections. Trinamool supremo Mamata said, “Dev, Mimi, Nusrat have to spend more time.”

It can be heard that the relationship between the three stars is not going very well. Will the victory of the Trinamool return Mimi-Dev-Nusrat to the old friendship? This question is now in the minds of their fans.


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