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Mamata will be able to become the Chief Minister even if she loses


In West Bengal, the Trinamool Congress is ahead in the Assembly polls. But after many dramas, it is seen that Mamata is lagging behind in the polls with BJP’s Shuvendu Adhikari in her seat in Nandigram. On Sunday, the Election Commission of India declared Shuvendu the winner of the seat, Indian media reported.

The total number of seats in the assembly is 294. Elections have been held in 292 seats. The Trinamool is ahead in more than 200 seats. On the other hand, BJP is ahead in 70 seats. Apparently the grassroots camp is rejoicing now.

Although the Trinamool is ahead in the number of seats, Mamata is facing a difficult challenge. According to the Constitution of India, anyone who wants to be the Chief Minister or a member of the state cabinet must be a member of the Legislative Assembly.

Mamata will be able to become the Chief Minister even if she loses

The constitution states that the chief minister will be elected by the majority of the legislators in the state assembly. If he wants to be a minister or chief minister for six consecutive months, he has to be elected from one of the seats in the state. Otherwise, his post will be canceled after 180 days.

Election experts say that even if Mamata loses, it will not be a problem to become the Chief Minister. He will have six months to get elected from any seat. In that case one of the members of the party should resign and his seat should be vacated.

From there, he will be elected as the legislator of the state’s 294-seat assembly. Naturally, the people of West Bengal can get Mamata as the Chief Minister for the third term.


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