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Mamata-Shuvendu fight in Nandigram: Assembly elections


The Trinamool is likely to win more than 200 seats in the West Bengal assembly polls so far, but she is battling the BJP candidate for the party’s chief Mamata Banerjee seat.

After 15 rounds of counting of votes on Sunday, Trinamool supremo in Nandigram is ahead of his rival Shuvendu Adhikari by four and a half thousand votes. Anandabazar said that votes will be counted in a total of 18 rounds in this constituency.

Shuvendu, once known as Mamata’s ‘lieutenant’, is fighting for the first time with the lotus flower. Shuvendu, who won the seat in 2016 as Ghasful’s candidate, left the Trinamool in December last year and joined the BJP.

Shuvendu, who represented the Trinamool in the Lok Sabha as well as Transport and Environment Minister in Mamata’s government, won the 1995 councilor election on behalf of the Congress.

This time, before the vote, Shuvendu gave a ‘challenge’ to defeat Mamata. The Trinamool leader left her seat in Kolkata and took up the challenge in Nandigram.

Shuvendu was ahead for a long time after the counting of votes started in the morning. At one stage, Mamata’s distance with him exceeded eight thousand.

From then on, the ‘snake-ludu’ game of the two candidates started. At the end of the eleventh round, it was seen that Mamata had advanced by 3327 votes. In the next round, he lost by four and a half thousand votes.


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