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Liquor stores close in India, seven die after drinking hand sanitizer


Besamal India in the second wave of novel coronavirus infection. For the fourth day in a row, more than 300,000 patients have been identified and more than 2,000 deaths have been reported.

The country’s health ministry said on Sunday that 3,49,691 new patients had been identified in 24 hours.

Meanwhile, lockdowns have been imposed in most states of the country to prevent coronavirus infections. And due to the ongoing lockdown, seven people have died in Maharashtra after drinking hand sanitizer due to intoxication. News from NDTV.

The incident took place at Bani village in Maharashtra’s Javatmal district. The area is 700 km from Mumbai. The seven dead were workers.

Police said the men all wanted to buy alcohol. But the store was closed due to the lockdown. Intoxicated, they drink alcohol and use hand sanitizers. They were admitted to a local government hospital in critical condition. There they died.

The Javatmal district magistrate has ordered an inquiry into the incident.


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