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Japan welcome plans to deploy British warships in Indo-Pacific


Japan has welcomed plans to deploy a fleet led by British warship HMS Queen Elizabeth in the Indo-Pacific region. News agency ANI reported the news.

The new Queen warship plans to enter ports in Japan, India, South Korea and other countries within the next seven months. Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi told reporters on Tuesday that he believed the plan would further enhance defense cooperation between Japan and the United Kingdom.

The Japanese Defense Minister further said that he was confident that the United Kingdom would maintain peace and harmony in the Indo-Pacific region freely and openly and promote peace and stability in the region by demonstrating it in strengthening defense.

“The two countries will work together,” said Japanese Defense Minister Kishi Nobuo. The British military and Japan’s own defense forces plan to hold joint exercises at the Japanese port.

In addition, a frigate from the Royal Netherlands Navy will join the aircraft strike group. He also welcomed the move.

“Japan’s relations with the Netherlands will be further strengthened,” he said. Not only that, Japan will work closely with countries that share their values.


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