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Instructions for wearing a mask at home in India


Coronavirus infection is on the rise in India. More than three lakh people were affected by corona in the country on Tuesday. Three lakh 23 thousand 144 people have been infected in one day. A total of 2,771 people died in one day. In such a situation, people have been instructed by the central government of India to wear masks at home. This has been reported in the Times of India.

India’s national immunization program chief said. VK Pal said, “From now on, we have to start wearing masks at home. Especially when family members sit together. Apart from that, if anyone is in isolation in the house, everyone must use a mask to prevent infection. ‘

Member of the Policy Commission, the top policy-making forum of the Government of India. “Masks are very important in the current situation,” VK Pal told a weekly briefing on Monday. No one will go out unnecessarily. Stay with family. Use the mask even when staying with family members. Do not invite guests now. This can spread the infection.

If social distance is not taken, a patient infected with corona can spread the virus to 406 people in 30 days, said Dr. VK Pal.


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