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In Maharashtra, 22 bodies were taken to the crematorium in an ambulance


India is in the grip of coronavirus. There have been records of deaths and identities in the country in the last few days. There is no place for patients in hospitals. Even today, 3,23,144 Covid-19 patients have been identified in the country and 2,771 people have died.

The victims are dying due to lack of oxygen. Pictures and videos of these incidents are spreading on social media. This time another sad scene has come to the fore. An ambulance has taken pictures of 22 bodies being taken to the crematorium for burial.

The few seconds of the video on Twitter showed an ambulance in front of the morgue of the government hospital at Ramananda Tirtha Marathawara in Ambejogai, Beed district of Maharashtra. The bodies of the dead are being piled up in the corona. More bodies are being kept by making space by pressing the packed corpses. News The Hindu.

Meanwhile, a report in the Anandabazar newspaper said that the relatives of the dead patient had objected to the body being piled up in this manner. When they went to record the scene of the body being dumped in the ambulance on their mobile phones, the police snatched it. Police returned the mobile phones of the relatives after the funeral.


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