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In India, three and a half lakh people were infected with corona in one day


The fourth day in a row, more than 300,000 patients have been identified and more than 2,000 deaths have been reported.

The country’s health ministry said on Sunday that 3,49,691 new patients had been identified in 24 hours. News from NDTV.

Nowhere in the world have so many patients been identified in a single day since the epidemic began. With the new identities, the total number of Covid-19 patients in India has exceeded one crore 69 lakh 60 thousand. At the same time, the death toll in Corona rose to 1,92,311, with another 2,008 deaths in the country.

Since April 15, more than 200,000 people in the country have been affected by corona every day. Hospitals are overflowing with patients. Many hospitals are being forced to return patients due to lack of space.

The country with the second largest population in the world is now setting a new world record in the number of patients identified daily.

According to NDTV, in the last 48 hours, many top hospitals in Delhi have sent emergency messages warning of the oxygen crisis. 25 Covid-19 patients died at Jaipur Golden Hospital in the city on Friday due to lack of oxygen.


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