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In India, a one-time orange seller gave 400 tons of oxygen as ‘zakat’


Four siblings took care of the family expenses by selling oranges at the railway station. Their mother also used to earn for the family by doing various jobs. He used to return home with his children every evening after work. One of the four siblings ate in the pier.

He once drove an autorickshaw for money, but now owns a Rs 400 crore company. In the current Corona situation in India, where the medical system has collapsed, Pyaar Khan has extended a helping hand to many people. The news has been reported in the Indian media Anandabazar Patrika and Times of India.

Pyaar Khan, who was once listed as a millionaire from an orange seller at the station, has donated oxygen to various hospitals. In the meantime, he has donated 400 metric tons of liquid oxygen worth Rs 75 lakh. He has also helped in several hospitals inside and outside the city of Nagpur in Maharashtra. Car service is also going without rent.

Pyaar Khan said that he was doing this for the benefit of humanity by giving zakat in the month of Ramadan. “I can serve the community through my oxygen service, which will reach out to all communities during this time of crisis,” he said, adding that he would co-operate further if needed.


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