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‘Housefull’ notice is hanging at the gate of the crematorium


The Corona epidemic has taken a terrible turn in India. The daily death toll from the deadly virus in the country is around three and a half thousand. The scene of relatives crying outside the hospital after the death of a corona patient due to lack of oxygen is now an almost daily occurrence in India. The oxygen crisis has reached its peak in Delhi, Mumbai as well as Karnataka, Gujarat and even Uttar Pradesh.

Meanwhile, the number of deaths is overflowing in the morgues and crematoriums of Indian hospitals. There are rows of corpses lying outside the morgue. Relatives have to wait for hours for the funeral.

'Housefull' notice is hanging at the gate of the crematorium
‘Housefull’ notice is hanging at the gate of the crematorium

Meanwhile, a ‘housefull’ notice has been hung at the crematorium gate as there is no place for cremation at Chamrajpet crematorium in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

According to Indian media India Today, a large number of people are dying of corona in the region every day. The crematorium authorities have hung a ‘housefull’ signboard outside the crematorium due to lack of space for burial. This picture has already gone viral through social media.

According to India Today, 20 bodies are being brought into the crematorium every day and a ‘housefull’ signboard is being hung at the gate. Meanwhile, the government has given 230 acres of land next to the city of Bangalore for the burial of the dead in Corona.

Meanwhile, 44,438 people have been newly infected with coronavirus in Karnataka in the last 24 hours. 239 people died at the same time. So far, 16,000 people have died in the state at the hands of Corona.


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