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Former Kuwaiti MP Papul’s prison sentence has been increased to seven years


Kazi Shahid Islam alias Papul, a former MP from Laxmipur-2 constituency convicted in Kuwait, has been sentenced to seven years in prison. An appeals court in Kuwait on Monday extended his sentence by three years.

Sources close to Kuwait’s public prosecutor’s office and the country’s Arabic dailies Al-Qabas and Al-Nahar have reported that Shahid Islam’s prison term has been extended. The appellate court also fined Papul 20 lakh Kuwaiti dinars.

There are two cases against Papul in Kuwait. One is a case of bribery and human trafficking and the other is a case of money laundering. He was earlier sentenced to four years in prison for bribery. In the same case, the court sentenced him to three years imprisonment and a fine of 2 million Kuwaiti dinars for human trafficking. On the other hand, the money laundering case against him is still pending.

According to Kuwaiti court-related sources, the appellate court today sentenced Papul and three others to life in prison in a human trafficking case. They include the sacked Assistant Under-Secretary-General of the Ministry of Interior Sheikh Majen al-Jarrah, former Kuwaiti MP Salah Khurshid and a Kuwaiti government official. They were sentenced to seven years in prison. However, current Kuwaiti MP Sadun Hamad has been excused from the case.


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