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Egypt is buying 30 Rafale warplanes from France


Egypt is set to buy 30 Rafale fighter jets from French defense company Dassault Aviation to further strengthen national security.

The Egyptian military confirmed the information in a statement on Monday (May 3rd).

These weapons are being bought on a 10-year loan. Earlier in 2015, Egypt had bought 24 Rafah warplanes.

The warplanes are being bought as part of a 4.5 billion USD defense deal, according to the investigative journalism website Disclosure.

Egypt is buying 30 Rafale warplanes from France
Egypt is buying 30 Rafale warplanes from France

Disclosing the secret documents, Disclosure said there was a consensus between them in late April. The agreement will be signed when the Egyptian delegation travels to Paris on Tuesday (May 4th).

Egyptian officials will sign contracts with missile developer MBDA and arms manufacturer Safran Electronics and Defense. It is said to be a deal worth around 200 million euros.

Asked for comment, no response was received from the French Foreign Ministry, Finance Ministry and the Armed Forces.

Egypt is the world’s third largest arms importer after Saudi Arabia and India. Over the past decade, the African country’s arms purchases have increased by 136%.

In addition to the United States, Egypt has been buying weapons from France, Germany and Russia. France was Egypt’s main arms supplier between 2013 and 2017.


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