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Corona’s Indian strain is now in Uganda


This time the Indian type of coronavirus has been identified in Uganda. Although the rate of corona infection in the East African country has dropped recently, there are fears that the Indian version of the virus could spread very quickly.

A senior health official in the country told Reuters on Friday that new infections could increase in the country.

“Yes, we have found someone who has been infected with the Indian variant,” said Pontiano Kaleebu, head of the government-run Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI).

Pontiano Kaleebu said his corona was identified after a Ugandan national returned to India a few days ago. He has been attacked in the Indian style. However, no further information was immediately available about him.

Health ministry spokesman Emanuel Ainbiuna said the country’s coronavirus task force would discuss the overall situation on Friday. So far, Uganda, like many other countries in Africa, has had relatively few coronavirus infections. However, the rapid spread of coronavirus infection in India has raised new concerns. It is feared that the Indian form could be widely transmitted in Africa as well.

India, one of the major exporters to Uganda, has strong ties between the two countries.

The African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned on Thursday that African governments must be vigilant in the face of India’s catastrophic situation.


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