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Corona treatment new drug in India, ‘Virafin’ gets clearance


India has received new drugs to treat patients infected with Covid-19. The country’s drug regulator, Zidas Cadillac, on Friday approved the use of the drug Verafin in Corona. The Hindustan Times reported.

Virafine can be used to treat moderate coronary heart disease. Corona sufferers need to apply a single dose of this drug. ‘Verafin’ is mainly used for hepatitis C disease.

Zydus Cadillac claims that ‘virafin’ helps patients recover faster. And this medicine also prevents the deterioration of the physical condition.

According to the Hindustan Times, clinical trials have shown that 91.15 per cent of people tested negative for RTPCR within seven days of applying virafin.

In addition to having to apply a single dose of this drug, it is also much easier than other drugs.

Apart from that, the biggest advantage of using this medicine is that it reduces the need to give oxygen after use. As a result, corona patients will get relief from respiratory problems faster.

Dr. Sharville Patel, Managing Director of Cadillac Health Care, said, “Applying this drug at the right time will help reduce the number of infections. This is extremely important for patients at this time. This will help in the fight against Corona.


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