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Corona is testing our patience: Said Modi


Corona infection in India is currently around three and a half million daily. The daily death toll has also crossed the 2,000 mark. There is an atmosphere of panic all over India now. The Modi government at the Center is now facing the question of why the second wave of Corona could not be controlled in the country.

In this situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a message to the people on the program ‘Mann Ki Bat’ on Sunday. “Covid-19 is testing our patience and our ability to endure pain,” he said. Many of our loved ones have left us prematurely. This pain, this pain is for all of us. ‘

Narendra Modi said, “Don’t listen to any rumors about Corona’s antidote. The Center has already sent free corona antidote to the states. The way doctors are helping patients in this critical moment by using technology is commendable. They are also advising patients online now.

On the same day, the Prime Minister of India said, “When the first wave of the Corona hit the country, we successfully dealt with it. This time the country is devastated, but I have talked to people from all walks of life to handle this situation. We will cope with this push. Talks have been held with the officials of farmers, antidote manufacturing companies, oxygen producing companies. Every effort is being made to cope with this second wave of corona.

Modi added, “The whole country became confident after the first push of Corona. This time we will be able to overcome the second push of Corona. Corona is testing our patience and endurance.


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