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China is waging an economic war through espionage in the technology sector


The Taiwanese government claims that China is waging an economic war against Taiwan’s technology sector by stealing technology and persuading researchers. And to prevent this, Taiwan’s parliament wants to strengthen the law. The news agency Reuters reported this news.

Taiwan is well known in the world for its semiconductor industry, the report said. These semiconductors are used to build everything from warplanes to cars. And the Taiwanese government fears that this success could be stolen by China through espionage and other means.

Four lawmakers from Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party have proposed amending the trade privacy law.

In a report to parliament on the proposed amendments, Taiwan’s National Security Bureau blamed China for most of the industrial espionage by foreign forces in recent years.

The report claims that the theft of technology by Chinese communists from other countries has become a major threat to democracy.

The report also said that the Chinese communists’ infiltration of Taiwan’s technology was aimed not only at economic interests, but also at the political motive of impoverishing and weakening the country.

Meanwhile, no immediate comment was received from the Chinese Ministry of Taiwan on the matter.


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