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Charges framed against Japanese journalist in Myanmar


The Myanmar government has accused Yuki Kitazumi, a Japanese journalist arrested in Myanmar, of spreading false news. The Japanese embassy in the country has given this information. This has been reported by the British media BBC.

This is the first time a foreign journalist has been charged in a recent military coup in Myanmar. Kitajumi, a 45-year-old journalist, was arrested in Yangon on April 18. Earlier on February 26, he was detained for a short time.

Kitajumi works as a freelancer. He has experience working in the influential and widely circulated media in Japan. He worked for the Japanese media Nikkei from 2001 to 2012. Yet he writes reports on politics and business. He runs a media production house in Myanmar. The company mainly produces video content and trains media personnel. Kitazumi could face up to three years in prison if convicted.

Charges framed against Japanese journalist in Myanmar
Charges framed against Japanese journalist in Myanmar

The Japanese embassy said that Kitazumi was in good health and was in talks with the junta for his release.

On February 1, Myanmar’s military overthrew the democratically elected government and seized power. Many leaders, including State Councilor Aung San Suu Kyi, were detained. Since then, more than 600 people have been killed in anti-junta protests. Thousands of people were also detained.

In addition to covering the military coup and subsequent protests and repression of the army, Kitazumi also posted on social media.

On April 12, he posted a post praising the students’ protest. He wrote on Facebook that many of the protesters were young in age. Where is their fault? They have risked their lives to prevent injustice in the society.


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