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Caitlin Jenner will run for governor of the state of California


Former United States athlete and TV star Caitlin Jenner has announced her candidacy for the governorship of the important state of California. He is seeking re-election as governor of the state, which is known as the base of Democrats. This has been said in the news of BBC in the UK media.

Caitlin Jenner, an Olympic gold medalist who has long been involved in Republican politics. Jenner submitted his candidacy for the election on Friday, along with several advisers to former President Donald Trump.

A statement from Jenner’s Twitter account stated, “California wants more from the governor and deserves more.” Politicians with long careers make extensive promises and work less. We need a leader who will look into this and solve it.

A party has called for a re-vote against incumbent Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom on allegations of corruption, including failure to deal with the epidemic. They submitted it to the Election Commission with the signatures of more than 14.95 million people in California. These will be checked and selected by next Thursday. And then the election date may be given by the end of this year.

If elected as Jenner’s governor, she will be one of the few men and women in the United States to make a difference. Jenner, who gained worldwide fame for being born as a man, introduced herself as a transformed woman in 2015. She is considered to be the most popular converted woman in the world.

20 states in the United States, including California, have re-voting rules. Provision has been made for re-voting in these states to ensure the absolute power of the people. This gives the elected person the opportunity to remove him before his term expires.

It is learned that two questions may be asked to voters in the California re-vote. Do they want to reinstate Gavin Newsom or appoint a new governor? And a list will be provided from which Californians will be able to choose someone new.

But the rise of celebrities to the governorship of California is not new. Earlier, Arnold Schwarzenegger served as governor of the state. Earlier, in the eighties, the famous actor Ronald Reagan was elected the governor of the state. He was later twice elected President of the United States.


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