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Biden-Modi phone conversation about Corona situation in India


Like the United States, the situation in India is awkward due to the corona’s push. In such a situation, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to US President Joe Biden on the phone on Monday night. This was reported in the Indian media quoting a statement from the White House and a tweet from Narendra Modi.

In a tweet, Narendra Modi said, “There have been fruitful discussions with the President of the United States. We talked in detail about the Corona situation in the two countries. We also talked about the supply of corona ticker raw materials and other medicines from the United States to India.

A statement from the White House said, “The President of the United States of America has assured the necessary assistance in the treatment of Indians affected by the new wave of corona.” This includes the supply of oxygen and raw materials for corona vaccine.

The United States assured India on Sunday that it would supply raw materials for the Corona vaccine. A day later, Biden said on Monday that his administration would also provide emergency assistance in the treatment of Corona patients in the country.

The second wave of corona has led to an extreme oxygen crisis in the treatment of patients in India. Hospital beds are also in short supply in several states of the country including Delhi, Maharashtra and Karnataka. The United States has also promised to supply oxygen to India. In addition, Biden told Modi that he would be assisted in the treatment of corona along with the raw material of the vaccine.

Earlier this month, Adar Punewala, head of the Seram Institute in India, tweeted to the US president requesting the supply of raw materials for the corona vaccine.


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