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Australia cancels All flights with India


Australia has announced the closure of direct passenger flights from India. The administration took the initiative as the epidemic of coronavirus in India became acute. News Times of India.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said air links with India will be suspended until at least May 15 due to apparent risks. As a result, thousands of Australians, including top cricketers, will be trapped.

According to the Indian media NDTV, the presence of the epidemic coronavirus has been found in the bodies of more than 323,000 people in the country in 24 hours. For the sixth day in a row, more than three lakh infections were reported in the country.

It is known that yesterday’s infection was 8.4 percent less than the previous day. Two thousand 771 people died at that time. Which is less than the previous day’s two thousand 891.

According to the latest data from the international statistics-based website Worldometers, 3,23,144 Covid-19 patients have been identified in India in 24 hours. Two thousand 771 people died at the same time. One crore 76 lakh 36 thousand 307 corona patients have been identified in India so far. One lakh 97 thousand 894 people died.


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