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Announcing the ongoing lockdown relaxation in Europe


As vaccination activities across Europe accelerated, governments in those countries announced plans to ease restrictions. In continuation of this, this time the European Union is going to bring a big relaxation in the restrictions.

According to the European Commission, the alliance is considering lifting travel bans on 27 EU countries for two-dose vaccines starting next month.

A spokesman for the commission said citizens of any country outside the EU would be able to travel effortlessly to allied countries 14 days after receiving the two-dose vaccine. However, the decision needs the consent of the 27 EU member states to be final. Ordinary citizens of Germany are happy with the Commission’s thinking.

Announcing the ongoing lockdown relaxation in Europe
Announcing the ongoing lockdown relaxation in Europe

“I think anyone who has been vaccinated, not just in Germany, has the equal right to travel to any country,” said one German. Not everyone in Europe can travel, but not everyone else.

In Germany, meanwhile, the Corona situation has improved in recent days, as has vaccination activities. In just one day, the country’s health department has vaccinated more than one million people.

“We are working at the hospital and have received two doses of corona vaccine,” said a permanent resident of Germany. And so I think citizens who get two doses of the vaccine should be given the opportunity to travel more. Tell people how long they will be under house arrest.

However, experts fear that if the old or new corona infection does not reach zero, the signs of relaxation of the restrictions may be the opposite.


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