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Amazon’s ‘golden age’, tripled profits in Corona epidemic


Many people have been shopping online without going to the shops or shopping malls for fear of lockdown, various restrictions and infection due to the novel coronavirus epidemic.

And since the beginning of last year, consumers have become accustomed to buying products at home. Meanwhile, US tech giant Amazon is not only selling products online, they are also coming up with all the necessary facilities in the Corona situation. And the customers are taking advantage of these benefits.

In this epidemic, consumer interest in everything from video streaming to product delivery has become an opportunity for Amazon. In the first three months of this year, they have sold huge products.

In addition, the profit has tripled. Amazon has said that this trend will continue in the next few months. Analysts say the Corona epidemic could be the “golden age” for Amazon.

Meanwhile, Amazon is currently promoting automated grocery stores, online healthcare. However, through their core services — home delivery, media streaming, cloud-based web services their profits have increased tremendously in one year.

Revenue rose to 108 billion at the end of March from 75 billion last year. In addition, the profit has increased from 2.5 billion dollars to 8.1 billion dollars in a year.


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