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All 53 passengers on the Indonesian submarine are Died


The Indonesian military has confirmed the deaths of 53 people aboard the KRI Nangala-402 submarine that went missing off the coast of Bali.

Army Chief Marshal Hadi Tajahanto told reporters on Sunday that “the wreckage found and the items recovered indicate that the submarine sank and all its sailors died.” He said the submarine broke into three pieces. News CNN.

The submarine was built in the late 1970s. In the middle it was taken to South Korea for repairs. The work was completed in 2012 after two years.

The vessel, one of Indonesia’s five submarine fleets, disappeared last Wednesday during a torpedo training exercise directly from the holiday island of Bali.

Naval Chief Eudo Margono said Saturday that rescuers found several items, including parts of a torpedo straightener, a grease bottle that was used to use oil in the periscope and prayer materials from the submarine (Jainamaz National).

A warship named Rigue arrived at the search area on Friday to search for the submarine.


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