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A boat carrying 130 migrants sank off the coast of Libya


Ten bodies have been identified near a boat that sank off the coast of Libya on Thursday. There were about 130 migrants on the boat. The rescue agency said. News AFP.

The European humanitarian group SOS Mediterranean said on Tuesday it had been notified of the presence of three distressed boats in international waters off the coast of Libya. They were notified via the Mediterranean Rescue Hotline Alarm Phone.

In addition to the chartered ship, the NGO’s Ocean Viking ship set sail for the area in bad weather. There are six meters high sea waves on that coast.

“We haven’t found anyone alive since we arrived at the scene today,” said Luisa Albara, search and rescue coordinator at Ocean Viking. However, we found at least 10 bodies near the sunken boat. We are heartbroken to see this scene. ‘

More than 350 people have already lost their lives in the vast ocean this year, according to SOS Mediterranean. The names of those killed on Thursday were not included in the figures.

Last week, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Organization for Migration said a boat carrying African migrants to Europe sank off the coast of Tunisia, killing at least 41 people. One of them is a child.


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