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8 policemen injured, 5 arrested in anti-lockdown protests in London


There have been massive protests in the English capital, London, against the ban on coronavirus. Police arrested five people at the time. Besides, eight police officers were injured. London police said on Saturday. News from The Telegraph.

Mask use is still mandatory in England to prevent corona. In addition, the so-called vaccine passport is also going to be introduced.

Protesters gathered shortly after noon on Saturday and marched on major streets, including Oxford Street. As seen in the pictures and videos, thousands of people took part in the procession. They also rallied in Hyde Park. The London Metropolitan Police Service said there was chaos.

Eight police officers were injured while trying to bring the situation under control. Two of them had to be admitted to the hospital. Five people have been arrested in connection with the attack on police.

Strict lockdowns continued for months after new types of corona were spread in Britain. The lockdown is phased out from March. All sanctions are expected to be lifted by June.

Britain is one of the most coronavirus-affected countries in Europe. More than 127,000 people have died in Corona in the country.


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