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3,000 corona patients ‘missing’ in Bangalore


Coronavirus infections and deaths are on the rise in India. For some time now, over three lakh infections have been taking place in the country every day. Daily death has also crossed the threshold of three thousand. Meanwhile, 3,000 corona patients have been reported missing from Bangalore, the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka.

It is learned that the mobile phones of those who escaped have also been switched off. Local police have now started searching for them. Minister of State R Ashoka gave the news of such agitation on Thursday. News of the Indian Express.

In Bangalore alone, 22,596 people have been affected. The disappearance of three thousand Corona patients in such a situation is a big danger signal. Ashoka appealed to the common man, “Please don’t turn off your mobile phone. Then it will be difficult for us to find corona patients. There will be problems to work. ‘

Ashoka said, ‘Currently, about two to three thousand corona-infected patients are missing across the state. They are not available in the house. Their phones are saying switch off. ‘

Ashoka further said, “If you are affected by corona, please do not turn off your phone for fear.” Don’t leave home and run away. This will further increase the infection.

The police administration has started searching for the missing corona patients by tracing their mobile numbers. He also said that everyone will be found out within the next 10 days.

Meanwhile, state health minister K Sudhakar said the disappearance of a corona patient was nothing new. The same thing happened last year. But these patients are having problems keeping their mobile phones off. He also said that the matter is quite worrying.


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