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20 corona patients die at a Delhi hospital due to lack of oxygen


Twenty corona patients have died at Jaipur Golden Hospital in the Indian capital, Delhi, due to lack of oxygen. The Indian media Hindustan Times has reported this information.

The hospital receives the allotted oxygen every day at 5.30 pm. But, it got past midnight to get it yesterday Friday. Even then, 40 percent of the allotted oxygen has been given there.

Authorities at the hospital said more than 200 patients were still in critical condition due to lack of oxygen.

“We have lost 20 patients, most of whom were admitted to the critical care unit,” Deep Baluja, a doctor at Jaipur Golden Hospital, told the Hindustan Times. When the liquid oxygen runs out at around 10 pm, we connect the cylinder to the main pipeline. But the patients could not survive due to shortage of supply.

News of oxygen cries in various hospitals in Delhi is now well known. A few days ago, 25 corona patients died at Sri Gangaram Hospital.

Several super specialty hospitals in Delhi are unable to admit patients due to lack of oxygen. Even patients are being discharged from the hospital. In such a situation, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal requested to join hands in a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Meanwhile, India’s health ministry said on Saturday that a record number of corona cases had been detected in the country in a single day. With this, a total of one crore 8 lakh 10 thousand 461 people of the country were affected by Corona. Of these, one lakh 79 thousand 549 people have died so far.


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