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1.5 year old child died without getting treatment in India


A 1.5 year-old child has died after waiting a long time outside a hospital in India due to lack of treatment. The baby’s breathing and corona were positive, the family said. The tragic incident took place on Tuesday evening at a hospital in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.

NDTV reported on Wednesday that the child’s parents had been begging for treatment for an hour. The baby died when he was admitted to the hospital.

Meanwhile, after the death of the child, his relatives rushed to the hospital and got involved in a dispute with the hospital staff. They allege that the child died due to the indifference of the hospital staff.

According to media reports, one and a half year old Chandvika was waiting for admission in an ambulance in front of King George Hospital in Andhra Pradesh with severe shortness of breath.


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